Motivational Interviewing for Rehab Professionals: Create Connection and Effecting Change with Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder - Portland, OR (June 29-30, 2019)

Motivational Interviewing for Rehab Professionals: Create Connection and Effecting Change with Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder - Portland, OR (June 29-30, 2019)

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Hosted by Paradigm Education, LLC at Providence Portland Medical Center (4805 Glisen St, Portland 97213)

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Speaker Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder, Ph.D., CNS, MSN, RN

Is the owner/consultant of Community Health Concepts. She has worked as a community/public health nurse for 30 years in home health, earned her Master’s as a Community Health Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Ph.D. in Public Health with an emphasis on health promotion and behavior change. She is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. As an educator, Kathlynn believes in engaging the learner and bringing the gap between theory/research and application in practice. She engages individuals in unique exploration of their potential to live holistically, honoring what they have within to meet this goal. Similarly, within the community Kathlynn believes in using a holistic approach to assessment, intervention, implementation, and evaluation of projects as well as working in a collaborative and respectful manner with community members. As a presenter, Kathlynn provides a fun and realistic approach to health promotion and behavior change causing attendees to consistently report new insights, changes to practice and other “Ah Hah’s”.


This two-day course provides participants with 1) a foundational understanding of behavior change theory, the process of change and examples of how to explore change using an application of current theory, 2) an overview of the spirit, foundations, and principles of Motivational Interviewing and 3) skills focusing on commitment language and change talk. The workshop is presented in an experiential format, with practical guidelines for topics including: understanding and facilitating change using current behavior change models, overview communication skills; working with resistance, ambivalence, and decisional balance; developing change plans. Note: participants will benefit the most from first having completed basic therapeutic communication skills building.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Explore several models related to behavior change, examine appropriate strategies for different stages of readiness to change, practice applications that partner with the client on their goals.

  • Identify the components of the spirit, foundations, and principles of Motivational Interviewing.

  • Identify the four major processes of Motivational Interviewing and related tasks.

  • Identify techniques that elicit change talk and describe their importance in developing discrepancy.

  • Describe working definitions of resistance and ambivalence, and identify basic strategies for working with each.

  • Begin identifying one’s own values and assumptions related to the change process, and how they influence client engagement behaviors.

  • Identify common indicators of clients’s becoming ready to change, and techniques to assist clients in designing a plan for change.

  • Describe the process of generating goals/strategies and eliciting commitment to a Change Plan.

Course Schedule

Day 2

8:30-8:40am - Check-in for the day/questions

8:40-10:10am - Overview of MI & taped MI conversation

10:10-10:30am - Break

10:30-12:00pm - Additional practice to deepen skills on basic MI and introduction to Advance MI skills

12:00-13:00pm - Lunch

13:00-15:00pm - Practical exercises for applications of OARS Foundational Skills, DARN, and Advance Reflections

15:00-15:20pm - Lunch

15:20-16:55pm - Practical exercises for application of OARS Foundational Skills, DARN, and Advanced Reflections

16:55-17:00pm - Evaluation

Day 1

8:30-840am - Introductions/Welcome

8:40-10:10am - Behavioral Theory

10:10-10:30am - Break

10:30-12:00pm - Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

12:00-13:00pm - Lunch

13:00-15:00pm - Application of OARS Foundational Skills

15:00-15:20pm - Break

15:20-16:55pm - Additional practice and more depth on Fundamentals and some Advanced Skills in phase 2 in MI

16:55-17:00pm - Evaluation of the day/Wrap-up